Find and Remove Inactive Users in your Google+ Circles

uncircle from google plusUncircle+ is a new Chrome extension that allows you to quickly find and remove inactive users from your Google+ Circles. This is an easy way to clean up your Circles and have more room to add new interesting people.

How to use Uncircle+?

  • Install Uncircle+ from its page on Chrome Web Store.
  • Once installed, you should see the new Uncircle+ icon in the browser toolbar. Click on it.
  • Now Uncircle+ will open up in a new tab and do an initial scan of all people you have in your Circles. If you have circled many people, this can take a few minutes to complete. You can see scan progress in the activity box at the top.
  • Once complete, it will populate the “All People In Your Circles” box with all found users. The “I” seen in the activity box mean Inactive, “E” means Error, and active users are indicated with “.”(dots).

  • Now, click on “Find Inactive People!” to find users with no posts at all on Google+. Again, this may take some time depending on the number of people you have in your Circles. If you want, you can stop the scan in between by clicking on the “Stop Finding!” button.
  • After the scan gets done, you will find all inactive users in the “Inactive People” box. From here you can select the users you wish to remove and click “Remove selected” to complete the process.

  • Removed users are shown in the “Removed Successfully From All Circles” box.

You can repeat this process anytime you wish to weed out more unwanted users.

Install: Uncircle+

Additional Tip: Use Untweeps or Twitoria to find and unfollow inactive people on Twitter.

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