How To Reopen Last Closed Tab in Chrome, Firefox And In Internet Explorer

Firefox - Reopen closed Tabs
UPDATE: Keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + T works on all modern browsers.

By mistake, we may close a web tab which is hard to find again. It is a very common problem and waste our time for repeating some complex navigation or research. Following tips will help in recovering lost tabs:

Restoring most recent closed tab in Firefox:

Firefox - Reopen closed Tabs

All the recent closed tabs can be viewed through the menu History > Recently Closed Tabs. Alternatively, you can right click on any tab and select to reopen last closed tab as shown in above image. Much faster way to reopen only last tab is using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T . Keep holding down Ctrl+Shift and press T repeatedly for reopening upto last 10 closed tabs.

Restoring most recent closed tabs in Google Chrome:

Chrome - Reopen Closed Tabs

A new tab in Google Chrome displays list of recent three closed tabs at bottom of the blank page. However to view more recent closed tabs and other information about them either go to Tools > History or used keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H. Alternate way is to type chrome://history/ at address bar.
Simple and quick way to reopen last closed tab is as same as in Firefox, which is by using Ctrl+Shift+T. Or else, right click on any tab to select reopen last tab from the options as shown in above picture.

Restoring most recent closed tabs in Internet Explorer 6 or 7:

For IE6 or IE7, third party add-on has to be installed. This add-on will reopen last closed tab on pressing Alt+X. [Download IE Open Last Closed Tab add-on]
For IE8, opening a new tab will automatically display list of recent tabs. Else press Ctrl+Shift+H to view History

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