Don’t be a fool like me! Future Proof Your Email Addresses

mail catch

mail catchIf you are like everybody else, then you probably have half a dozen of email addresses with you. Also among these accumulated addresses, you probably use only one as primary account. All your web logins, important subscriptions and contacts are associated with this single primary mail. You have shared only this mail id with your friends. Imagine changing this primary mail address. Pain huh?

As most of you know, I recently left my job at Infosys and joined MICA to pursue my MBA dream. My employer id was my primary id for last few years. All my bank accounts, insurance accounts, web site logins were associated with it. When I left the company, my online life became a mess. I have to do manual updating of email address for many sites. Alas! Some of them did not provide this option. There was no way I can change my login information or my primary information and hence Forgot Password became just another useless link for me at many places. And the worst part, I lost many contact details and important mails.

future proof methodology

Enough talk, let’s talk some sense!

Do not make mistakes that I have made. Always remember these 2 golden rules:

1) Don’t use your company’s or college’s email address

Are you sure that you would remain with that company or college entire your life? If not, then why choose primary email address with them. sounds great but some day you will leave them and then you will have to take all the pain to update your email id all over the internet. Instead, be smart. Be future proof. Use a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail id for all your personal works and company id for strict company related works.

2) Use real name in email addresses

In the real world out there, no one appreciates or Its time to be professional. Use a mail id that contains your real name. You can add few numbers if you want to or if your name id is not available but never ever add the 90’s word like rock, love or hacker. A real name email address also brings trust with itself. It doesn’t look spamy and there are less chances of people deleting your mail without reading it.

Conclusion –

You have to take care of just 2 above said small things and you will never regret. These methods are perfect way to future proof yourself. Email address is part of your life and a medium through which people recognize you. Make them with utmost care. Always remember to choose a primary/login mail address that will be yours forever and it should be such that you can tell it to your potential employer.

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Filed under Gmail. Posted by Abhishek on 30th September 2011.

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Good work bhai !!! how r u doing these days

Excellent article, a bit late for me thou. Shouldn’t employers take a special note to their personnel about using job mail for personal purposes. I agree with you email becomes a part of your life.

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