Browse Mails Quicker with Gmail Mouse Gestures

Browsing through each and every mail could be tedious if your inbox is filled with tons of emails. On smartphones, Google provides the ability to move around messages with touch gestures on the Gmail app. But on the desktop, there’s no easy alternative to get them. Thankfully, a neat Chrome extension called “Gmail Mouse gestures” provides three crucial mouse gestures to eliminate those issues to some extent.

Back in 2012, Google officially introduced these gestures as a part of Gmail but later dropped the feature citing low popularity, leaving the users who got used to it in the dark. As a result, Gmail Mouse Gestures, an 110KB Chrome extension was introduced. Here’s a considerate guide to using these gestures.

First of all, go ahead and install “Gmail Mouse Gestures” from the Chrome web store and download it. Now, we will move on to learning the three gestures, so head over to your Gmail Account.

#. Drag Up for going back to the Inbox.


The first gesture is for going back to the inbox while you’re anywhere in the Gmail interface. To use this, hold the right mouse button and move your pointer upwards. A pop up with an “up arrow” will come to life and you’ll be transferred back.

#. Drag Left for moving to a new Mail.


Next up is a gesture for moving on to the next unread mail. You need to hold the right mouse button and move your pointer to the left. This will take to the right i.e. to a new mail you haven’t checked before.

#. Drag Right for moving to the last read mail.


Finally, there’s a gesture for moving to the last mail you read. Hold right mouse button and drag your pointer to the right to access that.

Note: The left and right mouse gestures will only work while you’re reading a mail, nowhere else unlike the up gesture.

Adapting these Gmail mouse gestures may take time. But once, you master them, you can quickly navigate mailbox without any difficulty. We also recommend you to master Gmail keyboard shortcuts for better productivity

That was all for this short tip, it does make using Gmail more productive if you get a lot of emails.

P.S. Check out our Sortd guide, a chrome extension that turns your Gmail inbox into a list of to-dos.

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