Save Time by Bookmarking Frequently Used Gmail Searches

Gmail IconFor how many times in a day do you perform mail searches in Gmail? And how many of such searches do you repeat? I am assuming there must be few searches that you frequently perform to get that right email. We at Gtricks, always try to provide you time saving and productive tips and tricks. One such small tip that can instantly save lots of time is to bookmark frequently used searches or to save your searches.

This simple life hack to bookmark searches is already available in Thunderbird as saved searches. However, Gmail is a web app and we will have to use this tool or manual deliberate searches for implementing this.

Some of the typical ways you can use this are: Make a saved search for all the mails from your boss or fellow co-worker, or saved search for that specific assignment that teacher gave you or all the mails from that particular person.

Saved Gmail Searches

Before using this methodology, it is better to learn some of the basic Gmail search operators. Use the following steps to make an effective saved search collection:

1) For Chrome Press Ctrl+Shift+B to unhide the bookmarks bar [if it’s hidden]. For Firefox, right click at empty space near address bar and select to show bookmarks bar.

2) Right click on the empty space on Bookmarks Bar and select Add Folder. Name it Saved Searches as shown in above picture.

3) Open Gmail and perform those searches that you frequently use. Make appropriate queries such as from:Nick Nalor or has:attachment.

4) After the search has been done, drag and drop gmail icon from the address bar to our Saved Searches folder.

Alternatively, you can use this bookmarking tool. Follow the instructions given there.

5) You are done. Use this saved search collection whenever required to do that common search.

Out of hundreds of email in your inbox, this method is a guaranteed way to save you lots of time in finding that right mail. Tell us in your comment if you liked this simple life hack and how do you plan to use it.

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