Gtalk Gadget for Google Apps

google talk gadget

We have already discussed in top 10 Gtalk tricks that Google Talk can be used without downloading additional software or without using Gmail chat. Rather than using the conventional dull way, an easy solution is Google Talk Gadget. This method is extremely easy and requires just a ubiquitous internet browser. You can use it anywhere and anytime whenever you want.

Use this link –> but replace [COMPANY.COM] with your domain for using Gtalk as gadget in your computer.

google talk gadget

Google Talk Gadget

If you want to access Google Talk on iPhone or any other mobile for Google Apps account, then follow these steps:

1) Go to where COMPANY.COM is your domain

2) Tap on more link

3) Tap the Google Talk icon to chat with your Apps account.

or go to this link on mobile phones –>

That’s all folks. Just bookmark this link for using Gtalk over Google Apps account on the fly.

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What about a solid way to embed GTalk into a hosted Google Site. Is there a gadget that is better than others? Maybe works with IE and it’s … quirks?

    @Tenkely – Yes, Embedding in Google Site is another way to use gtalk. But it would be an additional effort. Better use the gadget directly.

    And try the mobile gadget, probably it will work better with naughty IE.

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