3 Chrome Extensions To Auto Refresh Web Pages

3 Chrome Extensions To Auto Refresh Web Pages

Karrar Haider

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4 Responses

  1. Ruben Janse says:

    Hello, I’ve been using the extension “Tab Auto Refresher” for a few months in (Chromium) Edge, but I discovered that the extensions has been removed from the Web Store now. I was also experiencing an issue where I would be redirected from Google to Bing when searching using the URL bar.

    Was this extension actually malicious? I can’t find anything on the web and am quite concerned about this.

    • Just S. Guy says:

      It was truly the best tab refresher. They said it had malware, but I don’t believe. But I uninstalled it none the less.

  2. Robert William Ross Walker says:

    Your recommendation is no longer available

    • C says:

      I googled to find this but no longer available. Redo or update this! Its 2022! I know Edge Browser (new chromium one) has some extension like this.

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