Best Proxy Managers for Internet Browsers

proxy switchy rules

Switching internet connections is always a big pain. Fortunately, we have proxy managers that take care of this complicated job. More thankfully, we have browser proxy add-ons and extensions, which makes this job easier than it sounds.

When do you need a proxy manager?

If you are the type of user that work on different networks simultaneously (e.g. one for company intranet, other for internet and other for home network) then each time you have to change your configuration to connect to different servers. If you need a quick way to way to switch between different proxy servers, without going to different screens then these managers will be of great help.

Let us see some of the best proxy managers, which work within browsers –

#. For Google Chrome – Proxy Switchy Extension

proxy switchy rules change proxy with single click
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Proxy Switchy is an Advance proxy manager for Chrome that gives you freedom to change between multiple profiles with a single click. You can also make URL based rules with this Chrome Extension. Since Chrome doesn’t have its own network configuration settings, this extension changes systems settings. As a result, it works for IE in the same manner. It also supports Socks v4 and v5, and LAN and VPN/Dial-up proxy settings. Another good feature of this extension is that you can backup and restore options or export switch rules as PAC/RuleList file.

#. For Firefox – FoxyProxy Standard Addon

foxy proxy change connection with single click Edit proxy pattern based on URL
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FoxyProxy Standard Addon adds power to the limited inbuilt proxy capabilities of Firefox. It automatically switches to different connections based on URL patterns. So, you don’t have to fiddle with Firefox’s Connection Settings dialog each time.
This addon combines proxy.pac maintained by network administrators with an explicit proxy. It is also fully compatible with portable Firefox and it keeps logs of all the proxies that were used and when.

#. For Internet Explorer – Advance Proxy Manager

Change proxy in IE tray popup
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Currently you need to play with several screens to change proxy in Internet Explorer. There are lot of settings to reconfigure. Advance Proxy Manager allows you to make multiple proxy settings and you can easily switch them from tray icon menu.

The only disadvantage is that it is still in beta phase and was last updated on December 30, 2008.

Alternatively, you can try IE7Pro that also supports tabbed browsing capabilities.

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