Turn Your Email Subject into a Powerful Command Line


InboxFever is a new service that turns your ordinary email subject line into a powerful command line by tapping it into many services. It works on the same principle as Google Talk Guru, but with much more usefulness. It gives you the ability to get directions, stock quotes, convert documents, manage social media accounts and more, all from the convenience of your inbox.



Test it by requesting for directions to a particular place by putting from and to location in your subject line and sending it to [email protected]. Within seconds you will get a map in your inbox showing you the route. An another example, send any document attachment to [email protected] and watch it return to you in seconds as a PDF.

Following services are available right now:

  • Search Yelp[email protected] – Get local search results from Yelp by emailing “Location, Search Term” in the subject line
  • Google Maps[email protected] – Get maps and directions by putting locations in the subject line. Ex. “New York to Boston” to get directions or just “New York” to receive a map.
  • Get URL[email protected] – Get a webpage copy as mail by emailing the URL in the subject line
  • Mocavo Genealogy Search[email protected] – Search for people with Mocavo Genealogy Search. Just specify a name or include location for better results in the subject line..
  • Stock Quotes[email protected] – Get stock quotes by specifying the stock symbol in the subject line
  • Convert To PDF[email protected] – Convert documents to PDF by forwarding the attachment
  • InboxFever Apps[email protected] – Search for apps on InboxFever. Get a particular app by specifying the term or send “All” to get the full list.

You can control all your web applications simply by sending an email. There are no user interfaces or logins. Optionally though, you can sign-up for an account on InboxFever to better statistics and control. And it works with all email services.

#. When to use such service?
Such email-powered applications could be quite useful when a website is blocked in workplace or school/college.It also provides a safe way to retrieve information when you are behind a firewall or VPN. Another use can be considered when you have email connection on your mobile but the internet browsing isn’t possible.

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