Personalize Bulk Mails, Schedule Delivery and Do More with GMass

Many a times, we have to send bulk emails to our friends and families, especially during festival season. Or maybe keeping our family updated about new events in our lives. And the best way is to inform them is with emails. However, sending individual mails becomes a challenging task. The best way is to mail everyone at once (bulk mailing), but then we lose the personal connect.

Gmass is a lightweight and unobstructive tool for mass emailing for Gmail and the best of all, it’s free! This chrome extension is the best companion for your Gmail if you send bulk Emails.

Sending personalized mails on Gmail

GMass outshines with the mail merge option that makes each bulk mail to appear as a continuation of individual mail threads. For example, you have 6 email threads going on, then composing a bulk email and sending it through GMass will add the bulk email as reply to each of these 6 email threads. So no one will ever know whether the reply was composed as bulk or not.

Things you can do with GMass

1. Send as Reply
Most mass emails are sent as new messages, which create new conversations for each recipient. The ability to send a mass email and have each individual email sent as a reply to the last conversation with each recipient would make it more relate-able for the recipient. The recipient will believe that you sent just them an email on top of old mail as a reply, not as part of the bulk mail.

GMass Compose options


2. Send Mails like You are sending them Individually
Compose an Email using {First Name} and {Last Name} as your personalization fields. Provide the Email Id’s of your contacts and hit the GMass button instead of the send button. The field will be replaced by your contact’s name individually that they receive giving them the feeling you personally created the mail for them.

3. Compose Mails based on your Search Results
Hit the ‘Compose from Mails’ button next to the regular search button to send messages to the recipients you want to mail from previously sent mails. It will automatically add the Emails addresses with the name of the recipients to the Email you are sending. You can search based on any number of criteria and fields such as text in the Subject and Message, Dates sent and received.

Composed mails from gmail search

4. Load Data from Google Sheets and Spreadsheets
With GMass, you can load email-id and other information directly from a spreadsheet or Google sheets in your messages.

5. Track your Sent Email
You can track your emails and find the reach of your efforts. We have also covered few other tracking options in Gmail, but GMass provides real-time notifications on who opened the mail and when.

6. Provide the Unsubscribe Link
You can also attach an unsubscribe link to your mail, using which the recipient can skip out of the bulk campaign at his/her will.

7. Schedule your Mails
A little up arrow next to GMass button will give you the option to schedule your mails for later.

Does GMass have got any Limitations?

GMass itself doesn’t impose any limitations, but Gmail imposes a limit of 2,000 sent emails per day for trusted Google apps users and 500/day for other users.

Also, this extension will not work if you are already using other Gmail extensions that modify Gmail Compose window, like extension to forward multiple mails at once.

What advantages does GMass have over mass email sending services like MailChimp?

The mails you send using Mailchimp is listed under the ‘Promotions’ tab in Gmail. Moreover, it contains the MailChimp branding all over. GMass creates mails with the impression that the mail is personally crafted for the receiver ending up in the ‘Primary’ tab of their inbox.

What more can we expect from GMass?

Ajay Goel, developed GMass out of the problems he was facing while sending bulk Emails. He promises more development of the extension in upcoming versions. Some of the features that might come soon are-

  1. Sending to contacts in a CSV file
  2. Click-tracking for URL s in emails
  3. Mobile email client support (Gmail app or Apple Mail)
  4. Support for Safari and Firefox
  5. Support for Google Inbox
  6. Ability to bypass Gmail’s limit of 500 sent emails/day.

Download the Extension here and Enjoy Bulk Emailing.

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