Gmail Read Receipt – Track when your Mails are Opened

Tracked mail reciept

A common problem among most of us is knowing whether the email recipient has actually read the mail or not. Emails, or electronic mails does not have inherent capability to tell when they have been opened. However, MailTrack is a new chrome extension that shows the email read receipt right inside your Gmail.

Tracked mail receipt

#. How does it work?
MailTrack inserts a small invisible image at the bottom of your mail. When the recipient opens your mail, the image is downloaded again from MailTrack servers. Based on this downloading action, MailTrack is able to determine when was that email opened and from which browser.

#. Will the recipient know that you are tracking the mail?
Unless the recipient knows about image tracking or he notices that an empty image is being blocked, they will never know about email being tracked.

Fortunately, Gmail opens all small images by default. Hence, there are less chances of recipients knowing anything.

#. How to install?
Follow these steps:
1) Install MailTrack Chrome extension from here.
2) A new tab will open to connect MailTrack with your Google account. Follow all of the instructions.
3) Now, when composing your mail, you can chose to track by selecting Notify Me icon present near the send button.

#. Is it safe?
Mail Track assures that no personal account information will be kept for their use. They promises to protect you from unwanted ads and keep your information confidential, while keeping only the essential mail information at their servers.

#. Does it work for multiple recipients?
No. MailTrack is unable to determine who among multiple recipients has opened the mail.

#. How do I uninstall it?
You should first remove the extension from Chrome settings > Extensions. Then you should revoke the account permission from Google’s account security page.

MailTrack also sends an email read receipt with information about time and device on when it was opened.

You can collectively see all the receipts at MailTrack’s Dashboard.

MailTrack is a nifty tool which you should use with caution. It is useful when you are sending mails for job offers, advertisements and general inquiries. However, mail tracking is not an ethical practice and your friends may take offence. We recommend to use only when it is really required.

MailTrackChrome Extension

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