How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail at Once

Multiple Forward in Gmail

Forwarding multiple emails from Gmail can be frustrating if all your data is not in one place. Currently, Gmail allows you just one forward per mail. Especially when it’s the end of the year and you have multiple reports from all over your mailbox to be sent. It becomes tedious and uses up a lot of your time collating the data before you send it. But fortunately, Multi Forward has you covered.

Multiple Forward in Gmail

Multi Forward makes the entire process much easier and efficient enough to save you quite a bit of time.

If you have to forward multiple emails from Gmail, this Chrome extension will allow you to select all the relevant mail and forward them at the same time. It’s as simple as just checking a few boxes, clicking the forward button, entering the name of the recipient and in a few seconds all the selected e-mails will be forwarded.

Gmail forward box select recipients

As per the exact instructions on how to use this: First install the Chrome extension from here. Now, you will have to authorize it so it can read your mails to be forwarded and contacts to display on whom to send. Once, authorized, you can use the extension by selecting the mails you want to forward and clicking on the button.

#. How does this work?
The extension uses Google Apps script to create an automated trigger.
The script will pick your selected mails, store them in a temporary list and then send each mail to the selected recipients one by one.

#. Why does it need so many permissions?
It needs read access to pick your mail content, write access to send them on your behalf and contacts access for auto suggesting contacts in the forward box.

#. How to remove the extension in a proper way?
The extension is a wrapper to the script which does all the work. You will have to uninstall the script first in order to completely remove the extension.

When you authorize the script for the first time, you will get a mail with instructions to uninstall it. Save that mail for later use. Now, whenever you want to remove the extension – just use the mail to uninstall the script and then remove the extension from Chrome’s extension’s settings.

#. Any caveats?
Few things that you must know before using the extension:

1) For threaded mails(conversation view), only the last mail will get forwarded. This last mail will have all the replies in quoted form.

2) You will have to keep the forward box open till you are not shown a successful message.

3) The extension will automatically apply “multi-forward” label to the forwarded mails.

4) The extension will add below line in each forwarded mail

----Forwarded using Multi-Forward Chrome Extension---

I really like the long awaited functionality it brings to Gmail. Go ahead, un-complicate your forwarding tasks with this really handy extension.

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Very Nice solution for forwarding multiple mails in gmail at once…Thanks for sharing this easy steps with images. it is helpful to get understand easily.

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