10 Beautiful Google Plus Wallpapers You Can’t Ignore

You either hate it or love it; but you can’t escape it. Google Plus is one such application that no one seems to be using but everyone is talking about it. There are serious followers like me who has abandoned Facebook completely and started meaningful conversations on Google Plus. Though Google+ has fewer interactions than facebook, but whenever they happen discussions become deeper and threads become longer. Probably because of more number of marketers and techies and less number of friends on the platform.

In any case, if you are among those who like those who has the passion for new technology and love for new things, we have got some beautiful Google+ wallpapers that you can’t ignore just like best Firefox wallpapers. These wallpapers are picked from all over the internet and I have tried to put attributes from wherever I can. Most surely, they were made under CC license so use them, share them and modify them as per your will. If you are looking for more, you can always use this simple trick to search your desktop size wallpapers from Google Images.

Let us not look at simple and materialistic yet beautiful wallpapers.

initial 3 via rahul964

via source24

via rikulu

via f0xt3r

via rlyoder

via chrisringeisen

via lucifr

Tell us in your comments whether you liked them or not?

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Thanks! The last one is now my new wallpaper.. :)

@Daniel I particularly liked the 5th one due to its rawness. The last one is also exquisite.

Thanks for sharing these. There are some real nice ones there. I like number 7 the best. Just the Google+ circles on a gradient background. Looks great.

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