Binary and Hexadecimal Geeky Easter Egg for Google

google binary hexadecinal easter egg

This post was originally shared in Gtricks Forum – Google Fans Community, and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value and interest to all.

Google never fails to amuse us. We still remember it’s recursion easter egg which tricked us clicking over it multiple times. From all the possible ways it can charm us with its Easter Eggs this one comes bit geeky. Mark from our Gtricks Forum points out that when you search for Hexadecimal or Binary, then the numbers of results are displayed in that format.

google binary hexadecinal easter egg

Binary is a denoting number system with only two symbols 1 and 0. This is the basic language that runs inside all our computers. So, if you see the number of results 0b1101111011000111010000000 means that there are 29,200,000 web pages for that search query.

Similarly, Hexadecimal is another number system with base 16 instead of ubiquitous 10. This number sytem is mostly used in digital electronics and has alphabets from A-F in addition to numbers 0-9 as symbols. When you search for Hexadecimal from Google, it will display 0xfbc520 results meaning 16,500,000 web pages of that search string.

Is Google doing this on some purpose? What would be the use of such fun elements like do a barrel roll trick? If you have ever tried programming then you might know the complications you face with different type of user data and displaying output according to them. For Google which handles more than 1 billion search queries daily, changing the output for very few of them demonstrates the flexibility they have built over the system. A lot of workload must have undergone to change their internal code to adapt to the queries on run time basis as per their needs. Possibly, this is another effort from them making the system different that has never been thought before and extending to the future.

Hats off to Google for this approach.

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faastic stuff . i like the new tricks google comes out oftn

Google always proved that is the father of Internet :)

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