How To Upload Your Files To Someone Else’s Google Drive

Imagine a situation where you want to share a lot of files to someone using your Google Drive account.

But what if your Google Drive storage is already full and you don’t have any more space to upload new data? What will you do now?

You can use the Google Drive Storage of the person you want to share all the data with to upload your files.

So, here is a simple trick using which you can upload your files directly to anyone’s Google Drive. Well, provided this person has enough storage on his Google Drive, obviously.

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Steps To Upload Files To Anyone’s Google Drive Account

Step 1:

This is the most important step in this method. Ask the person you want to share the files to create a new folder in his Google Drive account.

A folder can be created by clicking on the New Button at the top left corner of the Google Drive Homepage and then selecting the folder.

Upload FIles To Anyone's Google Drive

Step 2:

Once the folder is created, ask the person to open the folder and then share it with you. Make sure that he gives you permission to edit the contents of the folder.

To share the folder, ask the person to click on Name of the Folder->Share->Enter your email address->Done.

Upload FIles To Anyone's Google Drive

Step 3:

The folder will now be shared with you and all the files you upload into the folder will be automatically synced and stored into the person’s Google Drive Account.

To Upload the files into the folder, Sign in to your Google Drive and then open the folder that was shared with you.

Step 4:

Now open the folder on your computer where the files you want to share are stored.

Step 5:

Just drag the folder or the files you want to share with the person and then drop them on to the folder in your Google Drive account.

You can also follow our step by step guide here to automatically sync all the files you store in a folder using the desktop client of Google Drive.

Upload FIles To Anyone's Google Drive

Step 6:

Once the files are synced, the person who shared the folder with you can now access them right from his Google Drive account.

Upload FIles To Anyone's Google Drive

Don’t worry all the files you shared in the folder will only be stored in the other persons account storage.

Your Google drive storage space will not be affected. (You can notice from the profile image on the top right corner that the screenshots are from two different accounts)

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Let us know in the comments below if you have any doubts regarding this process.

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