Get Additional 2GB of Drive Storage When You Review Your Google Account Security

Update: Google is again offering 2GB additional storage if you review your security on “Safer Internet Day” on 9th Feb 2016.

Google is offering 2GB of FREE Drive storage if you review your account security. You will have to go through the security checklist here and when you are done, you will receive additional storage on Drive by 28th February. The offer is valid till 17th February ONLY. It hardly takes 2 minutes to complete the process for your free gift.

Google Account Security Checkup

A security checkup will essentially make you aware of your account recovery options, your recent activities and recent application permissions. Ideally, one should be reviewing these security settings regularly to prevent from hacking and malicious usage of account. Google is trying to safeguard its users 1) By making the reviewing process really simple to use and 2) by offering free storage on Google Drive. I wish other companies also encourage thier users to check their account settings regularly.

Few important Points –

#. Offer is only valid till 17th February.

#. Additaional 2 GB will be added to your current strorage capacity on 28th February and will remain forever.

#. You can view your storate quata from here.

#. Google Apps users are not eligible for the bonus storage

From the Drive teams announcement –

This Safer Internet Day, we’re reminded how important online safety is and hope you’ll use this as an opportunity to take 2 minutes to complete a simple Security Checkup. While everything stored in Drive is always encrypted in transit and at rest in Google’s custom-built data centers, this checkup ensures you’re making the most of the 24/7 protection you already get from Google. As our way of saying thanks for completing the checkup by 17 February 2015, we’ll give you a permanent 2 gigabyte bump in your Google Drive storage plan.

{via Google Drive Blog}

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