Alarm in the Google Clock App Not Working For Some Users following Android Oreo Update

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3 Responses

  1. James Feerick says:

    Good information.
    At least now I know what the hell is going on.
    Google alarm clock does not ring when set on my GS9+ after the February system update.
    This update also removed the dark mode switch on Google messenger which is infuriating.
    After all of these problems, I am not going to be updating right when these bug infested plagues are released anymore.

  2. James Feerick says:

    Thank you for providing timely, clear and relevant information. ?

  3. James Bentz says:

    Samsung Note 20 Ultra: My alarms work, but my timer fails to beep now unless the phone is left sitting with the cover open and not interacting with it. I use the timer in my job to signal 15 minute increments for 3 hours… so since the update, i have missed many of the 15min times to make notes relating to my job.

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