Quickly Get Your Work Done on Firefox without Addons by Simple Tips

The Firefox directory contains unlimited number of addons. From most popular to most useful, these addons simplify our work by customizing firefox as per our needs. Still, you can get your work done quickly by simple tips.

Note: This article is continuation of saving time without any addon article.

The only problem with Firefox is that the more addons you install, the more bulky it becomes. Sometimes it freezes or takes more than necessary RAM. If you install incompatible or beta addon then it might crash frequently. Therefore, at one hand, Firefox gains its power from numerous addons and on the other; you lose on performance by using many addons at same time.

These tips require no addons and are extremely handy. They can be used by anyone to improve performance and save time. Here is the list of some more tips for leveraging inbuilt capabilities of Firefox:

  • If you frequently use searching feature of Firefox by pressing Ctrl + f keyboard shortcut then this tip could be useful which lets you find any word directly without using any shortcut.


    Go to Tools > Options > Advance Tab and then in General Section select “Search for text when I start typing” option.

  • If you require to copy-paste some sentences from a website then instead of copying each line and pasting it in text editor, you can use Ctrl key to select multiple sentences from different locations. That is, select one sentence and then press-hold Ctrl key and select another sentence. Now, you can easily copy them (Ctrl + c) and paste them (Ctrl + v) in a single step instead of multiple operations.
  • If you have habit of opening multiple websites inside Firefox but you need to close the browser for some urgent work or you need to go somewhere then simply press “Ctrl + Shift + D” to bookmark all tabs in a folder which you can easily access later.


    You can even make this default behaviour of Firefox to reopen same tabs next time when you close browser by going to Tools > Options > Main Tab > Startup Section. Now select “When Firefox starts : Show my windows and tabs from last time.”

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These are some great tips but they don’t cover all what add-on can do for you.
Can they block ads like adsblockplus or discover similar sites like the one you are in?

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