Alternative for Slow Tab-Mix-Plus to Customize your Firefox and Chrome Tabs

One of the most popular reasons for using Firefox is its customization capabilities. Tabs are lovely and if you can control the tabs behavior, browsing will be more enjoyable. The only problem is high memory/RAM consumption with customized tabs.

Tab-Mix-Plus is a popular firefox addon that gives users great capabilities for customizing tabs. However, TMP is bit heavy on the resources and slows down your Firefox browser. Also, it has got lot of geeky features and advance settings which requires technical knowledge. So, TMP isn’t the right choice for an average user. Moreover, Tab-Mix-Plus may stop working with other addons and may not be compatible with the latest version of firefox.

Tab Mix Plus Alternative for Chrome:

As such there is no single alternative for TMP for Chrome, however, we have few extensions that together will replicate TBP’s features.

Point to be noted here is firefox addons has freedom to change underlying firefox code (that’s why you needed to restart firefox when you install any addon). But with Chrome, the extensions can only change the functionality of the loaded web page but not the core functions of Chrome. Chrome team wants to maintain higher security standards and hence does not allow extensions larger freedom as firefox does.

That being said, here are few extensions that will replicated TBP’s features:

1) Tab Plus: Simple options for tab management

2) Tab Outliner: Organize your tabs like a pro

3) Toggle Switch Recent Last Tab: To quickly to last used tab

4) One Tab: To convert tabs into list

Tab Mix Plus Alternative for Firefox:

Update: The addon has been removed by its author. We are back to Tab Mix Plus for now

Tabberwocky is a tiny addon, which claims to be lightweight alternative to bulky Tab-Mix-Plus. So if you love firefox and want different option to TMP, try Tabberwocky to supercharge your firefox tabs.


With Tubberwocky, you can totally customize your Firefox tabs. It allows you to :

• Change the size of tabs.
• Show download progress bar on tabs.
• Have multiple rows of tabs.
• Highlight the unread tabs.
• Set Minimum/Maximum tab width.
• Lock a tab from accidentally closing.
• And much more.

Try this light weighted addon and we are sure you will love it. [download here]

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This does not allow users to undo the closing of a tab.

Firefox is one and only the best ever browser and I am using that only for more than 5 years. I am using this addon in my browser right now.

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