Feedback Proves Decisive: Chrome Web Store Segregates Bug Reports from Reviews

Google has implemented an option to get segregated bug reports, comments and reviews from users in its Chrome Web Store.

You may ask any developer of how valuable the users’ feedback about the product is, and will be, perhaps, lacuhed at, as it is, undoubtedly, the most essential aspect among all. Obviously, soon as the new app or service is publicly presented on the market, the users’ attitude to it becomes the most decisive factor in its future: the more positive impressions there will be, the more money the developer will make, and vice versa.

Yet, there’s one common trouble, related to users’ comments at online app store pages, they are usually messy, that it, versatile bug reports, feature suggestions or rather general app reviews are posted all at one place, making their analysis harder. Well, from now on the users of Chrome Web Store will be able to select, what kind of feedback they wish to leave.

The essence of implemented upgrade is simple: as long as the developer turns on the feature at the page, the users will be allowed to post their feedback in separated sections.

Despite the fact, that such a novation is only available in Chrome Web Store, rumour has it, that it will be also added to Google Play Store as well, which now includes many more apps, than its “younger brother”.

Even though some skeptics may not find the new function that epic, it will certainly simplify the life of both large and small companies, offering their apps online. No matter if it’s a game provider, file storage (e.g. 4shared) or Google itself, bug fixing and the insertion of suggested features will, certainly, become faster.

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Filed under General. Posted by Andy and last updated on June 23, 2012.

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