How to Whitelist Single or Multiple Sender Addresses in Gmail

Gmail by default uses your contact list to find the safe addresses. However, many times your company mail or your friend’s mail is mistakenly considered as spam by Gmail malware engine and it goes to Spam folder.

To Whitelist an Expected Mail in Advance:

If you are expecting an important mail from a person whose email address you already know then you can white list that ID so you can be sure that the mail would not escape to spam folder and will definitely land into your inbox.

For this, click on “Contacts” from your Gmail window. Then select “Add contact” and “Save” it after filling out necessary details. Now, that contact becomes safe address and email from it will always come directly into your inbox.

To Quickly While list a Particular Sender:

If you find an important mail in spam folder then you can quickly instruct Gmail not to move such mails from inbox by just clicking onto “Not Spam” button at the top of the mail. The selected mail would be moved to inbox immediately and it would be added to white list forever.


If you suspect that your mail in inbox would be marked spam by Gmail team, then you can make sure that this doesn’t happen clicking on “Reply button” drop-down and adding it to contact list.

To Whitelist Multiple Addresses in Gmail:

You can make use of filtering feature of Gmail to whitelist multiple email addresses. Suppose that you want to add your company domain address in whitelist so that you never miss any important mail from your company then all you need to do is to apply an appropriate filter.


Go to “Settings” in Gmail, and then click “Filters“. Create a new filter and type the domain you want to whitelist in “From” field. For example [email protected]. Click on “Next Step” and then check “Never send to spam”. Finally, click on “Create filter” and you are done.

If you want to add certain group of email addresses as trusted source, then use above filtering technique with “[email protected] OR [email protected]” and so on in “From” field.

Note: The amount of spam mails you receive depends on where you have distributed your email address. As a word of caution, never submit your mail to unreliable websites or write it publicly on internet. A workaround for situations when you need to give your Gmail ID is either writing it in only-human-readable form that is, myemailid [at] gmail [dot] com or using Gmail plus feature that is, [email protected]. This mail address will also redirect to your original address however, you can set filters to control it.

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Nice tip! I wasn’t aware that Google would never send a contact’s message to spam.

It’s lame.

Outlook whitelists ALL contacts, and can filter by country domain. We out to be pushing Google to incorporate those features. Most users email comes from within known countries from contacts.

I noticed that if something gets accidentally put in the spam filter and is later flagged as not spam, gmail seems to build a whitelist. If true, this could go part way toward filtering out spam, so long as the header wasn’t forged.

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