Two Free Online Games Using Google Earth 3D Browser Plugin

Google Earth can be used from an Internet browser without installing full application. For this, you need to install Google Earth Plug-in. Then with the help of this plugin, you can easily view true 3D digital globe from your browser window.

Paul van Dinther from PlanetInAction has developed two free games based on the Google Earth 3D plugin – Moon Lander and Ships. If you are interested into discovering new things on Google Earth then Google has given some free samples that you can enjoy from this Google Earth plugin.

Moon Lander:

This simulation game is based on the Apollo 11 spacecraft landing on the moon. There is an interesting story behind this Apollo 11 mission. During the final landing of spacecraft on moon, the rocket moved directly towards crater and big boulders. At this time, Neil Armstrong took manual control of spacecraft and landed it safely despite the fact that the ship was running out of fuel.

Moon Lander game gives you the control of the spacecraft with little fuel and you have to land it on the target. Use spacebar to turn-on the engine and arrow keys to navigate.

This is another simulation, which lets you steer different kind of ships through user-selected locations. This game has beautiful interface with the availability of different type of views. A lot of functionality is given like horn, anchor and variant speed control. You can play this game through mouse or keyboard shortcuts. This game is meant to realize and enjoy the beautiful Google Earth scenery.

The developing company claims it to be part of a much larger game that is currently under development and had shown only a piece of it. Let us hope for better and bigger game in coming months.

Download Google Earth Plugin | Play Moon Lander | Play Ships

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