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Chrome is the world’s fastest browser with simplest interface by Google. In this category, we write about latest developments, tricks, extensions and usability of Chrome.

5 Google Chrome Tips on Mobile You Should Know About

Though most of us use Chrome frequently on mobile, we are not aware of all the features it has on the platform. Here are some unknown but useful Chrome tips on mobile.

4 Handy Ways to Prevent Google Chrome From Closing Accidently

Accidently closing Chrome if you've a lot of tabs open can be frustrating, here are some handy ways to prevent Chrome from trashing all tabs by showing a waring or disabling the close button.

How to Make Chrome Remember Passwords

Make Google Chrome show the remember password option for any site. Better to manually save your passwords in a secured and encrypted format with Google than writing it down.

Black Menu is a Better App Launcher that Puts All Google Products in Chrome’s Toolbar

A handy Chrome extension that lets you access any Google service out there through a neat little pop-up window. If you rely heavily on Google’s offerings, you won’t find yourself constantly reaching for different tabs after installing this free tool.

Replace Chrome’s New Tab Google Search Box with Any Site of Your Choice

Change the new tab interface in Google Chrome with any page you want with New Tab Redirect extension. Useful if you want to hide most visited sites and Google search box.

Best Extensions for Getting Word Definitions on Chrome

Among hundreds of options available, we tested out few to find the best dictionary extension that can assist you to find a word meaning  without being too intrusive.  

5 Chrome Flag Settings for a Seamless Browsing Experience

Get the most of Chrome with these tiny flag settings. Though they are advised to be used with caution, they work well for most of the people, resulting into a better browsing experience.

Load Chrome Extensions Only When They are Needed

Organize Google Chrome extensions to groups and switch between them to save memory and improve performance by deactivating unused extensions at once.

Change Chrome Background With Your Own Image

Change Chrome background with your own personalized image and create your own theme as per your liking.

Add Custom Shortcuts on Chrome’s App Launcher

You can create and add custom shortcuts to the Chrome app launcher apart from Google products with the App Launcher Customizer. A quick and easy way to switch between your favorite sites. 

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