2 Ways to Manually Add Passwords to Google Chrome

3 Ways to Manually Add Passwords to Chrome

Karrar Haider

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  1. Cityplace2711 says:

    So I looked at this article, but the “Import” option does not appear for me now. Do you know why this is the case?

    • John G says:

      Chrome Password Import Solution:
      1. Just create a chrome shortcut to your desktop
      2. Right click and go to properties.
      3. In the target section just add this code at the end without quotes
      ” –enable-features=PasswordImport”
      4. Apply it, ok it, then run it.
      5. Now you see import option in the 3 dot menu in your password section of your chrome.

  2. Bri says:

    Excellent instructions — thank you! Used the Export/Import option — took 2 minutes, worked like a dream!

  3. Donna says:

    Firefox does this SOOOO much better!!!!

  4. Charly says:

    You can also just go to chrome://settings/passwords and add it there

  5. Pacheco says:

    really nice men, it helped me alot

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