Achieve Zero Unread Mail with the Email Game

The Email Game Tactics

Under normal circumstances, we tend to leave few mails unread in inbox so that we can later on work on them. But often we forget them and the unread list keeps on increasing. Unimportant/Boring/Spam mails also results in ever-increasing count and this adds to frustrating experience. The Email Game promises to clear your inbox effortlessly and achieve the magic zero figure.

The Email Game Tactics

The Email game applies gameplay mechanics to change your behaviour on your working. It tries to make the emailing process more fun by rewarding points and setting timelines to take action on mails.

After entering your email address, you will have to authorize the application to read your mails. You will be then presented 30 recent mails on which you have to take action as soon as possible to gather points. You will have to take one of the actions on every single mail: Reply, Label, Boomerang, Skip, Archive or Delete. Boomerang is a nifty feature, which skips the mail for now, but it will come again at whatever time you want. The more time you take to act on a mail, the more points you lose. When replying, by default, you get only 3 minutes, but then you can easily extend this time in case you really want to write a longer mail.

The application creators claim that you will be 30% faster in handling your mails. Nonetheless, this fun game develops good email habits and gives peace of mind. You will be satisfied that you have not even left a single mail unread.

The Email Game is completely free for Gmail or Google Apps Account. Other worthy alternatives are 0boxer and InboxScore that also used gaming tactics to motivate you. If you are not comfortable in sharing your account to third-parties, then you can of course try the priority inbox or new inbox style for reducing email clutter.

Note: The Email Game adds a link to itself when you reply to any mail. You can easily remove it by changing the email signature from the games setting page.

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Do not remember its name, but at one time there was an extension of Google Chrome for use only in GMail that worked like a countdown. It could be programmed for as many minutes as you set it, then quit your ability to work on GMail when the time expired. It was fun, like a timed race. It worked to get me done and out to other things.

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