Achieve Zero Unread Mail with the Email Game

The Email Game Tactics

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  1. 7DeadlySins says:

    Do not remember its name, but at one time there was an extension of Google Chrome for use only in GMail that worked like a countdown. It could be programmed for as many minutes as you set it, then quit your ability to work on GMail when the time expired. It was fun, like a timed race. It worked to get me done and out to other things.

    • Abhishek Mandloi says:


      I couldnt find the exact chrome extention you are talking about, but here is one that will free you from email addiction –

      Quickrr Email Rehab

      And thanks for the comment :)

  1. November 20, 2011

    […] therefore it will require your account access. It is made by the same folks who helped you achieve zero unread mails in Gmail. Use it to regain control over your mails. var random_number = Math.random(); if (random_number […]

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