Tip: Take Advantage Of Increased Size And Issues With Gmail Uploading

Recently, Google has announced updated attachment limit for Gmail. It has been increased to 25MB from previous default 20MB. That’s a massive 25% increase in size.

Some Suggestions On Increased Gmail file Size And Attachment Failed Issues

  • 25 MB attachment works only for the newer version. If you are still using older HTML version, you might not be benefited for this update.
  • 25 MB limit doesn’t mean that you can attach and send upto 25MB file. While uploading, Gmail automatically includes transmission data and other file information. A file size of 17-20 MB is a successful bet.
  • Some users are experiencing problems while uploading. An error message “attachment failed” notifies stoppage. Probably flash uploader creates problem. Try switching to basic attachment, which uploads only one file at a time from settings page.
  • The receiving person must also have higher accepting size on his mail provider. Suppose a Gmail user sends 25MB of file to Yahoo user who can only receive mails upto 10MB in size. Naturally, mail bounces back results failure in delivery.

Simple Tip to leverage increased file attachment type:
Uplaod a file and save that message. Now, where ever I go, I can access that file via Gmail anywhere. Be it my office, friend’s home or cyber cafe. Larger attachment size means I can have bigger files with me all the time. Additionally, Gmail server power enables me to transfer file at higher download speed. And don’t forget to rename your .exe or .bat files to random extensions.

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i am not running with new version of explorer , what should i do. Dont have sufficient tool and even if i try , rising lots of problems.

@Prasad : You need not to have higher version of Intrenet explorer to utilize this facility. Try switching to modern gmail i.e. by newer version on top right side. And I have always recommended firefox to hassle free experience.

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