Access Widgets From the Notification Panel on Android

Widgets are one of the most distinct features of Android. However, they’re limited to the home screen and cannot be accessed from anywhere else. Apple’s approach although, lets you operate on these little interfaces no matter what application you’re using as they reside in the notification panel. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward app titled “Snap Swipe Drawer” that doesn’t require root access to achieve that functionality on Android too.

Access Widgets By Swiping Down on Android Using Snap Swipe Drawer

Snap places an entirely different panel or drawer that is reachable by swiping from a particular side of your phone. You can add an endless number of widgets there, however, it does get a little messy if a particular handset isn’t wide enough. To get started, go ahead and install the free application. Once it’s done installing, fire up “Snap”. You’ll be initially greeted with an empty home page with only a floating button.


To add a widget in the Snap drawer, hit the button located on the bottom right corner which will reveal a list containing all the available widgets. You can include an endless number of applications in the list, however, it will cost you Rs 130 past three entries. To remove that added item, swipe right on it or you can hold and drag to reorder the list.


There are a couple of other functions you can perform by getting into the settings menu. Tap the three dots present on the top right, you can either disable it from there or open the preferences page. There, you can customize scrolling patterns, personalize from where the drawer can be extracted or play around with the sensitivity to suit your needs. Additionally, you can also activate it on the lock screen if there are no privacy concerns. Lastly, there’s a Blacklist where you specify which applications should be excluded from accessing the drawer.

That’s it. Now you can quickly obtain widgets by swiping down from the status bar. Let us know if we missed something or you’re stuck at some step in the comments section down below.

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Filed under Android. Posted by Abhishek on 20th May 2016.

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