Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Themes are one of the most intuitive ways to customize Google’s ever growing browser, Chrome. While there are thousands of options already available in the store, finding one that fits your taste sometimes can be painful. Hence, in this article, we show how you can easily create custom themes within minutes.

Create Your Own Chrome Themes With ThemeBeta


With ThemeBeta’s web application, anyone can easily create a basic Chrome theme with custom accents and image as background. To get started, head over to their website where you’ll be greeted with a minimal interface consisting a preview window and some personalization options.

First of all, type your theme’s name in the first text box. You will then need to select any image as the main background for “New Tab” page. Positioning presets are available under the preview image including options for repeat, fit screen and more. Once that’s done, tap the “Generate Colors” and the website will automatically fill in colors based on the picture selected before. Now you can either install or move on to some advanced filters in the next tab.


Now move on to the Images section if you aren’t completely satisfied with the result yet. You can choose solid colors as background, play around with the frame and toolbar shades. You can also hover over particular settings to know what it will do with the theme. Uploading images for each of the elements is also possible if you think colors are boring.


Next is the Colors tab where you can personalize the text colors for different sections of the browser. It even lets you change how the buttons’ look. Just like the Images section, here too you can move your mouse around to know about different tunings. Finally, on the “Pack” page, you can either directly install the theme, download it and do it later or download the Zip File. ThemeBeta also allows to upload these themes, you can do so by hitting the two save icons present on top. Browse through the vast library of ThemeBeta if creating custom themes isn’t your thing.

If you’re looking for a simpler option, Google has its Theme platform available in Chrome’s web store. We covered the extension in detail here, make sure to check it out.

That was all, let us know if we missed something great in the comments section down below.

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