Top Chrome Extensions to Customize New Tab Page [Updated for 2017]

minimalist extension

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  1. Mary Brady says:

    Hi! Am using Momentum and have been for several weeks. I like to change things up & may alternate with others on this page. Thanks.

  2. Mary Brady says:

    leoh (Leoh New Tab) is a discovery for new tab page extension for Google Chrome that I found today. Leoh is highly customizable. Has a clock, to-do list, note area, choice of your background, solid color background, leoh backgrounds, or videos w/ sound and more. My favorite new tab extension.

  3. Luuk says:

    Nice list, but you forgot to include :) provides a personalisable start page that works across all your browsers and devices. It’s a great app to stay on top of your bookmarks, rss feeds, notes and to-do’s all in one place.

    Over 700k users already!

  4. Thanks for this list of extensions, really helpful :)

  5. Ruban Clare says:

    thank u so much well I used like 1 or 2 of these in 2017 but most of them I did not thank you so much

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