Customize YouTube Progress Bar with Nyan Cat and Other Colors

Beyond special occasions and events, Google has kept YouTube’s design pretty standard and neutral with default colors. However, with Stylish, a free Firefox and Chrome extension, users can easily personalize the YouTube player with just a quick few steps. Here’s how to get Nyan cat or your favorite color progress bar in YouTube.

Customize YouTube Player and Progress Bar

First of all, go ahead and install Stylish as a Chrome extension or as a Firefox addon. This particular extension lets you customize the appearance of any web page with simple CSS/JS scripts.

Once that’s done, you will need some scripts that will alter YouTube’s design elements which you can choose from here. Not everyone one of them is worth checking, therefore here are some interesting ones,

#. Nyan Cat progress bar on YouTube

nyan cat youtube gtricks

You can get the uber famous Nyan Cat running on the progress bar from this script. Hit “Install with Stylish” button, refresh YouTube and you’re done. Other elements will, although, remain unchanged.

#. Personalize YouTube Player with Custom Colors

Custom Color in Youtube gtricks

Rather than installing already designed themes, you can select custom shades and personalize YouTube’s player based on your requirements. Head over to this page and you’ll discover some drop downs to change particular components including the bar’s type, color, HD tag and more. Install it once it’s ready.

#. Get the Lightsaber Bar on YouTube

A couple of months ago, Google introduced Star Wars themes across all its platforms. However, they’ve been now discontinued but with Stylish scripts, you can get them back. Install the theme available on this page and enjoy the lightsaber theme again.

Lightsaber as Progress Bar - Gtricks

Despite these, there are an endless number of themes available on which can be applied not only on YouTube but also, on other websites. For instance, install this script to get an animated space theme on Google’s search. Sites like Facebook can also be customized with the Stylish tool and it is available on major platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

google theme - Gtricks

How to Manage and Disable Themes on Stylish

To disable any particular scripts, tap the little “S” icon present on the extensions bar followed by “Manage Installed Styles”. In there, you can edit, delete or even update specific themes installed. Other than that, Stylish even provides a native editor if you wish to write your own script. To disable all the styles, there’s an option located under the “S” menu.


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That was all, let us know if we missed something and tell us your favorite Stylish theme in the comments section down below.

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