Google Finally Brings Image Save to The Desktop

Last year, Google introduced a search feature that enabled users to effortlessly save images and organize them based on tags on mobiles. Now, the company has finally, announced that it will be coming to the desktop making it much more productive if you’re using it for some project. Just go to “” and start saving images.

Google Save is currently limited to the US, although a global rollout is expected in the near future. Past the roll out, once you click a picture in Google’s results, there are will be an extra “Save” button along with the traditional “Visit Page” and “View image” options. All your saved images will be collected on Google Save website which is basically a simplified interface of Google Photos with the much-admired search box. As you can tell this new addition is almost similar to what Pinterest offers.

Save 1-2

You can sort your images into tags which will be presented in the “Tags” page of the website as albums. Users have the ability to edit a photo’s title, add notes and also, there will be a link attached to the original page if you would like to visit it again. Neat. Lastly, there’s an option to select, tag and delete files in bulk.


Saving images and assembling them straight away from a unified platform will definitely succour a lot of users who rely on Google Images for projects or any other jobs. It will directly sync with your mobile handheld, hence, you can make use of it anywhere and anytime you need to.

Tags will probably be the highlight for the most people out there, you can categorize things like “flowers” if you’re shopping for redoing your backyard or “sofa designs” if you’re redecorating. You can then quickly perform a search to locate the desired image or add notes to get a clear perspective when you reopen the website again.

Going forward, we think the Google Save will be integrated with Google Keep and it will pose a bigger challenge to Evernote. Nonetheless, Google’s machine learning system can now learn more about the images from user’s tags and present better results in Google Photos.

Source – Inside Search

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