YouTube Stay Lets You Search While Watching Simultaneously

Sidebar search in YouTube

Despite Google’s continuous efforts of making ultimate video experience at YouTube, there are still a couple of things it does wrong. One of these shortcomings includes the fact that you cannot search while watching a video. You will have to unnecessary open a new tab, then open YouTube and search again. To overcome these issues, we can use a nifty Chrome extension – “YouTube Stay”.

Search YouTube Within the Same Tab and Create Playlists On-the-fly

YouTube Stay eliminates the need for opening multiple tabs to browse and watch videos at the same time by displaying search results on the sidebar of the video that you are watching. It also provides you the ability to create custom playlists, think of managing queues on music players.

Sidebar search in YouTube

To get started, first of all, go ahead and install it from the Chrome store. Once that’s done, you’ll get a nice little YouTube icon on your extensions tray with an “On” badge over it.

Now head over to for testing out the extension. Fire up any video and enter a query in the search box. Hit the search button and the extension will replace the standard recommended videos list with the search outcomes. I do wish there was a “More” button to extend the list to the second page, but I guess that’s preserved for future updates. If you for some reason, need to perform the normal search, press “Ctrl + Enter” after inputting a query.

Another good feature this extension is “Ad-Hoc playlists” that lets you add videos on-the-fly to your playing list. This will be a dynamic list which won’t be saved to your account. It will act like the autoplay where the next video of your choice will be played instead of YouTube’s suggested video.

To add a video, Click the red “Add to playlist” button underneath any search result. That’s it, there’s nothing else you need to do for creating custom playlists. You’ll see the upcoming content under the “Up Next” section where you can also remove a video or rearrange the order using the two arrow buttons.

YouTube Stay is definitely a must-have extension if you rely heavily on YouTube for a daily dose of entertainment just like us. The playlist functionality especially helps using the service as a music-streaming platform, I hope Google brings these features natively in the near future.

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Filed under Youtube. Posted by Abhishek on 31st March 2016.

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