Change ‘From’ Address in Gmail

change from address while composing new mails
Gmail provides the flexibility to change the ‘From’ address while composing mails to anyone. In simple terms, you use only one Gmail account but send emails on behalf of other mail accounts. This is very useful feature for people with multiple mailing accounts. Moreover, the delegated email addresses need not belong to Gmail.

For Example – If your address is and you also use then, without opening you can send a mail from xyz address.

Follow these steps to send mails from different addresses –

1) Go to Accounts and Imports tab from Gmail settings page.

sent mail as

2) Click on ‘Send mail from another address’ button found user Send mail as section.

Gmail - Add another email address

3) Follow the Gmail’s instruction and you are done.

You can also choose the address on which the replies will be sent.

After confirming the email, you will now find drop down in ‘From’ address displaying the other addresses. Now send mail from whichever account you want.

It’s a useful time saving method, as you do not have to open other accounts just to mail from them. You can also fetch your mails from that address. See Transfer Emails Between Gmail Accounts

Note – In case you are wondering which Gmail theme I have used for these screenshots? The answer is the new clean minimalistic preview themes from Gmail team.

Filed under Gmail Tricks. Posted by Abhishek on 7th July 2011.