How to Check Validity of an Email Address

Gmail password recovery

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  1. madhumathi.ragu says:

    Thanks for sharing valuable information. For E -mail verification please visit this site.

  2. madhumathiragu says:

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  3. Roman says:

    Awesome post! I’ll check out some of the tools you mentioned here. I also use provides organization for integration with your mailing client delivering marketing information to targeted audience

  4. Hannan says:

    If a person gives a fake email belonging to some real/registered/active domain, you would not be able to verify it using the free tools. I have tried this with several free tools and they could see nothing beyond the validity of domain. I am not sure of how much accurate are the data miners that do not give you free or direct access to their database, but the free tools are doing it absolutely wrong.

  5. Satender says:


    helo frnds i have one gmail account but i am not sure this mail ID correct.
    please tell me how to check correct mail ID.

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