How to Check Validity of an Email Address

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Suppose someone just gave you their email address and you are suspicious that it’s a dummy address. Because neither the email ID suits their name nor their personality. You do not want to ask them again but at the same time want to know whether it is real or not. After all, it could lead to end of your conversations. Or may be, you have noted down a wrong name and want to verify email address before the mail delivery fails.

Know Whether the Email ID is Fake or Not

There are multiple ways to verify an email ID depending on your use case. If you are a marketer, you can be sure that your promotions reaches to your target audience or if you are businessmen, you can know whether your contact has shared correct info or not.

The simplest way is to send a text mail. Whenever a new person gives you his/her email address to you, you can simply send a greetings/welcome mail to validate their address. If the delivery fails, you will get to know it’s a fake (or maybe you just wrote it wrong so cross check it). But if it goes successful, it just might look little weird to people you already know. There are few other ways by which you can check validity as per your convenience:

1. Verify Email Address Using Password Recovery

verify email with password recovery

A very smart method that’s perfect to check single email address is using “Forgot Password” option. You can use Gmail Recovery to check whether the email ID is valid or not. Go to Gmail and type the email id you received and click on ‘Forgot Password’. If it’s not a valid email ID, Gmail will notify you. This method applies for other services like Yahoo and outlook too. You might consider it as a longer but a stealthier way.

2. Online tools to check the validity of Email ID

You can go with simple online tools available like and They can validate email ids for free but I doubt they are storing and using your submitted addresses to send advertising mails.

  • Email-checker will verify email address in just a click of your mouse. It extracts the MX records from the email address you provide and connect to mail server (over SMTP and also simulates sending a message) to make sure the mailbox really exist for that user/address.

Email Checker to check validity of emails

  • MailTester also gives you the result within a few seconds. The functioning is similar to the previous one. It tries to establish an SMTP connection and then tries to send several commands, almost as if an e-mail is going to be sent.

Mailtester to check validity of emails

The problem with these services is that they fail to recognize ‘disposable email addresses’ (DEAs) which can be used to block you at will. It also fails to recognize emails that are that are queued at a secondary SMTP server. So email verification may not always work.

3. To check the validity of bulk emails

If you happen to have a list of email addresses that you wish to validate, you can do it through the WinPure Email Verifier PRO. It is an all-in-one email verification software that can reduce bounce rates, increase deliverability and improve overall email performance. WinPure Email Verifier is one of the best from what we have researched as it has got specially designed ‘3 Step Verification’ checks that filters out the fake from real ones quite accurately.

validate emails in bulk

4. For Professional Marketers and their Clients

WinPure Email Verifier PRO’s Premium edition is an excellent tool if you want to rapidly remove bad email addresses from a huge list. It also preserve your sender’s reputation and gives a good email marketing experience. With additional features and priority customer support, it will cost you around $250 per year for the premium version. It runs on your machine and provide protection to your hard earned customer contact list.

I particularly like the quirky password recovery method for email validation. Online tools are good but susceptible of storing addresses. The desktop application is for pro users. You can use any of methods to verify email without any worries as they are undetectable and recipient will never know that you were checking on him.

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