GDocsDrive – The Finest Google Drive for Online File Backups on Google Account [Giveaway]

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  1. mikelley517 says:

    I have completed the above steps!

    Thank you!

  2. zhaoman says:

    liked, shared, commented!

    keep up the good work!

  3. Gabor Csoman says:

    I’ve liked, shared, commented!

    keep up the good work!

  4. Chittaksh says:


  5. Rik the Cat says:

    I have completed the above two steps – Rik the Cat.

  6. J.J. Quinlivan says:

    Same as my name J.J. Quinlivan. I posted it. Would love a copy of GDocsDrive!

  7. Rabbi R. Bearmant says:

    Great program. I did as instructed. Plz send free app.

  8. steve says:

    completed the 2 steps; facebook name is Pop Salt

  9. Tomas Peciar says:

    Hey, this loooks interresing, im using Gdocs regulary, this can enhance it pretty much!

  10. John says:

    Both steps done: jhlenahan

  11. Michael says:

    completed the above steph. fb name is damnwrite. thanks :)

  12. Shraman says:

    I have completed above 2 steps. My facebook id is shramansv

  13. Theo Lockefeer says:

    completed above two steps (for GDos Drive) Theo Lockefeer

  14. Daniel Almeida says:

    I’ve completed the procedure
    My facebook name : Daniel Almeida

  15. Mahendra Korat says:


    I have completed the process of getting free copy of this.

    My facebook name is –> Mahendra Korat

  16. Bob Jensen says:

    I have completed the procedure.

  17. Norma says:

    Liked and Shared on Facebook.
    Looks like a great offering, Love to win a licence

  18. Linu George says:

    Done it, pls consider me in this giveaway. Thanks.

  19. Krzychu Be says:

    Hello. All done. Please count me in. My facebook name is Krzychu Be

  20. KuBin says:

    Done it. Hope take this giveaway. Thanks,

  21. Geroen says:

    I have completed the above two steps and would be happy to win a free copy of this great software !

  22. Mayur Sharma says:

    Nice giveaway, Count me in…..
    Done all above steps
    FB Name: sharma1118!/sharma1118/status/90097377532321792
    hope to get one

  23. Darpan says:

    Please Count me in……!
    Done all above steps
    FB Name suresh68

  24. walang_sangit says:

    Done all above steps and please count me in

  25. Abhishek says:

    Done and Dusted. It’s interesting what Google is doing in the Cloud space!

  26. Esteban says:

    Face book Esteban Gaytan

  27. Bruce says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I completed the two steps and hope to receive the free copy the valuable software.

  28. Lucas says:

    Done, please give my license!!!!!!!!rha

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