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Chrome is the world’s fastest browser with simplest interface by Google. In this category, we write about latest developments, tricks, extensions and usability of Chrome.

Open Specific Gmail Accounts Directly Without Using Account Switcher

Juggling between multiple Gmail accounts? This article will teach you how to open specific Gmail accounts directly by creating distinct URLs as bookmarks.

Open Mailto Links via Your Preferred Email Provider in Google Chrome

Learn how to open mailto links (email links) directly via Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or preferred email provider in Google Chrome using this simple trick.

How to Send Articles & PDFs from Android or PC to Amazon Kindle

If you're a Kindle owner and love to read the daily news straight from a Kindle, this free app & extension will make that a reality in just a two taps.

How to Quickly Manage & View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

Want to see your active password without resetting it? Learn how to view saved passwords, manage password sync and delete them on Google Chrome.

Force Autosave On Any Website And Automatically Fill Forms Later

Chrome not suggesting any values for the form field and you need to regularly fill out that form again and again? Worry not, here is a simple way for force Chrome to autosave field values and later autofill them all at once with a single click.

Create Downloads, History, Extensions Shortcut in Your Chrome Bookmarks Bar

Learn how to access Chrome's special pages with a single click by placing them on the bookmarks bar. Also, how to use the bookmarks bar like a pro with folders and icons so you never have to type a site again.

Fast Chrome Based Browsers with Built-In Ad Blocking

You love Chrome and you hate advertisements. How about combining the two - feature rich browsers based on Chrome which blocks ads natively.

Effortlessly Improve Your English Vocabulary & Grammar with These Two Chrome Extensions

Here’s a close look at two essential Chrome extensions which will help you to expand your vocabulary and grammar while improving your writing skills.

Instantly Save Articles, PDFs & Other Files on Chrome to the Google Cloud

Clip any web page or file you see on Google Chrome directly to your Drive and Keep accounts using these two extensions.

5 Awesome Google+ Chrome Extensions To Simplify Your Work

There are many cool Google+ Chrome extensions that you can use to get more features and optimize Google+. Here we share 5 of the best of them.

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