Maximize Productivity With Shortcut Keys For Google Docs

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  1. Ishaan says:

    How can i use subscripts in Google chrome while chatting ???

  2. Ishaan says:

    How can i use subscripts in Google chrome???

  3. Angie Drake says:

    I have a visually impaired student who we are exploring using google drive and using google docs to complete work. He can only use keyboard shortcuts, does not use mouse at all. Is there a shortcut to share work with others?

  4. M Bower says:

    Ctrl+Shift+Space Insert non-breaking space
    Usually works on my HP desktop when working in MS Dox, but it’s not happening for me in Google Doc.
    Any other suggestions

  1. November 17, 2009

    […] tasks. Officially, Google does not support any keyboard shortcuts for Orkut like for Greader or Gdocs. But, we can make use of browser capabilities to use key combinations as shortcut […]

  2. April 5, 2010

    […] G Tricks – Using shortcut keys for Google Docs […]

  3. August 10, 2020

    […] is also a Google Docs keyboard shortcut for this purpose. Once the required text is selected, press Ctrl+Alt+X keys to start reading […]

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