Prevent Chrome from Opening Duplicate Tabs of Same URL

Google Chrome often gets sluggish when you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. Sometimes, the memory consumed by Chrome is so much that it starts freezing the screen and killing the pages. For example, when you are multitasking or searching in depth, you tend to open tens of tabs resulting in laggard performance. The culprit is surely those innumerable tabs, most of which are of same sites. These duplicate tabs with the same URL lie in your tab bar unnecessarily, eventually making your browser slow.

One solution for this is grouping all your tabs using extensions like “One Tab”. We have reviewed the extension previously. The extension is of great use, saving a lot of memory by grouping all your open tabs under one tab. But why would you consider keeping the same tabs open after all?

Don’t Open New Tabs With Same URL in Chrome

You can reuse already opened tabs by instructing Chrome to jump to them whenever we open new tab with same URL. This is possible with the help of extensions that will redirect you to existing tab if it finds you opening duplicate tab of same URL.

#. Duplicate Tab Helper

Duplicate tab helper extension

Duplicate Tab Helper prevents duplicate pages at the moment new tabs are opened. The extension searches for duplicate URLs and if found, the newer tab will be replaced with the existing tab without any efforts. Duplicate Tab Helper redirects to the tab so quickly that you don’t even get to notice the effect. The extension uses extreme caution while searching for duplicate tabs. It even keeps some tabs for your safety and positive browsing experience. Very useful for doing research and quietly makes your browsing experience more easy and enjoyable.

#. Clutter Free

Clutter Free extension

Clutter Free is a must extension if you have a habit of opening multiple tabs. The extension provides better browsing experience by simply closing down the tabs containing the same URL. New tabs with the same URL will be replaced by the older ones. The extension provides the options to ‘whitelist’ the page you wish to keep every tab open. When you whitelist a page, Clutter Free will not suspend the tab if you open the same page again. Really useful for the cases where the site content changes but not the URL. By white listing in Clutter Free you can have both the tabs open simultaneously.

#. Unique Tabs

Unique tabs extension

Add “Unique Tabs” to your Chrome to suspend duplicate tabs upon opening a new tab or navigating to a new page. As compared to other extensions, Unique Tabs displays a notification before closing tab. Clicking “Cancel” in the notification within a delay of 5 seconds will prevent the tab from being closed.

Install these extensions to save a lot of memory in your Chrome. Even though all the extensions perform the same function with almost the same speed, we will prefer Clutter Free as it provides you with the option to whitelist pages. You can open the same page in another tab without the tab been closed down by the extension. Try these to have a better surfing experience.

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