Fix Chrome Sluggishness and Browser Hijacks with Chrome Cleanup Tool

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The more you use Chrome, the more victim it becomes of malicious websites. These sites collect your data, serves you ads and causes overall sluggishness. A quick way to get out of this trouble is by installing offcial ‘Chrome Cleanup Tool‘ that checks and removes the malicious apps and extensions from your Chrome and helps you remove browser hijacks.

Running the tool will scan through your chrome and if the browser is severely compromised or hacked, the tool does a setting reset which will remove the hijacks and make chrome post-fresh install state.

Chrome cleanup banner

It fixes Chrome sluggishness and removes the browser hijacks, which is an unnoticed browser access by someone else. As the name suggests, your browser is hijacked; your history and personal data like saved passwords, saved card details are easily available to the hijackers.

Just download the tool once and run it. It doesn’t even require to be installed as it is a portable piece and thus can be used for multiple systems.

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How to check if your browser is hijacked or not?

If you happen to notice any of below changes, then it is sure sign of hijacked Chrome:

  • Your New Tab or Home page is changed.
  • It takes more time to open Chrome than other softwares.
  • Chrome runs slow and becomes inactive when you when you try to do any actions like clicking links.
  • Search page has changed from Google to something else.
  • You cannot open certain anti-virus providing sites.
  • You automatically get redirected to pages.
  • You see lot of repeat popups.

How to fix Chrome sluggishness and browser hijacks?

Run Cleanup tool that will scan and remove the software that may affect your chrome. If it doesn’t find any malicious software the below popup shows up.

Cleanup popup if nothing found

Clicking on continue will open your chrome browser and ask you to reset the chrome settings. You may select cancel if nothing is found, but it’s recommended to select the reset option so as to remove the overlooked malicious programs. Better be safe than sorry.

Now, when you select the reset option, all the apps, themes and extensions you have installed in your browser will be disabled​. Run them again from the settings to automatically re-enable them.

It is observed that this tool does not remove all types of harmful software, instead it eliminates only those which may affect chrome from working like it should.

PullUpdate, My SearchDial, SearchProtect, Price Meter are some of the malicious software that this tool removes. You can find the complete list here.

Note that the tool does not reveal the names of the malwares detected, discouraging the malware righters from changing the names of the malware; only thing you see is the number of malwares detected.

Download this useful Cleanup tool here and stay fearless with Chrome.

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