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Have a habit of jumping from video to video without completing the previous one? Researching on a topic and you go on and on till you get what you want. While doing all these, a sudden minute you find yourselves surrounded by n number of tabs and your browser seems to behave like a tortoise in the race.

Whenever you find yourselves in such a situation, just click the “One Tab” icon to convert all your tabs into a list under one tab.

Make your Google Chrome Work Faster with One Tab

One tab extension

Once you install ‘One Tab’ to your Chrome or Firefox, you will find a ‘blue colored filter icon’ to the right side of your URL field. Click on the icon once and it will group all your tabs under one tab in a list. You can restore all your tabs at once or individually or the selected once you want by just holding down the ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Command’ key.

Click on Icon to Group All Tabs

One Tab saves memory upto 95%, preventing the browser to become sluggish while opening to many tabs. By grouping the tabs under single tab, it speeds up the computer by reducing the CPU load depending upon the no. of scripts running inside your tabs. This also enables the computer to resume quickly from sleep.

List of tabs under one tab

You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your search history as the tabs URL s are never transmitted or disclosed to the developers or any other party. Even the icons for tab URL domain are generated by Google. You can even share your tabs with anybody by creating a web page from your list of tabs. You can easily export and import your tabs as a list of URL s and share it to your other devices as well.

Export and share all tabs with One Tab

The User Interface of One tab makes it easier to manage your tabs like to scan over, delete, label and access your list of saved tabs. You will not loose your tabs if you close the one tab or your browser crashes.  One tab stores the small selection of tabs you aren’t finished with and you can restore all the tabs at once giving it the advantage over your browser history or bookmarking your tabs.

We recommend you to have this extension installed in your Chrome to enjoy a good surfing experience and avoid tab clutter. Moreover avoid the sluggishness of Chrome caused due to lots of tabs. Now read through pages or jump from video to video avoiding tab inflation using One Tab.

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