3 Best Bulk Image Downloader Chrome Extensions To Download Images in Bulk

3 Best Bulk Image Downloader Chrome Extensions To Download Images in Bulk

Karrar Haider

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  1. Nikola says:

    Great article, I needed so much an extension like those. I tried all the suggested and I totally agree with you. Imageye is by far superior by far to the others. Fatkun and Download All Images even if they should be more complete will not find the images that Imageye find.

    Thanks a lot for saving me so much time grabbing the images.

  2. Great ! Happy to find a solution for my problem.
    As this offers me to download the selected images only instead of junk.

    Great Very Very useful for fultimers.

    Fatkun offers reliable customization options to download the right images easily in bulk. You can bulk download images on the current tab or even all the opened tabs. Just select the tab you want to search for images and it will open a new tab loading all the images on the page.
    Here you have multiple options to filter and download images. You can sort and find images by size, keywords, and pages. Just select the images you need and click the “Download” button to download them all.

  3. corumeach says:

    All three only download images from a currently open page. If oyu have large thumbnail galleries and wish to download the images linked through the thumbnails, they all fail. Fatkun downloader is also pretty dangerous to use, it contains spyware and injects an ads trojan. Stay away.

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