Chrome Key Board Shortcut Keys and Hidden/Special Pages

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  1. Charlie Gosh says:

    Terrific list, but I believe you missed some really useful ones. By using these, I never touch a mouse.

    I use ALT-D to type the URL (, as you show above. Or, just g Enter on Chrome.

    Once you’ve Searched for a term, hit the / key (the forward slash on the ? key) and your cursor goes to the right end of your last Search Term, inside the Search Box. That one’s pure gold.

    Add or delete as you see fit, use Up/Down-Arrow to choose a Suggestion, or Right-Arrow to complete a Suggestion.

    See where they say J and K for next/previous result on the page, but I find it more intuitive to use Up-Arrow & Down-Arrow (which eventually takes me to the Next-Page link) and hit Enter.

    Charlie Gosh

  2. John Stanton says:

    I want to depress SHIFT or CTRL or some other key to over-ride my Chrome setting to open Chrome “where I left off” – in other words is there a shortcut key to open a fresh copy without other tabs.

  3. leonardo says:

    the contiudio was useful

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