Chrome Key Board Shortcut Keys and Hidden/Special Pages

Most people love the fact that Chrome is faster and lighter than any other browser. In fact it takes 1/4th memory than Firefox on my machine. Use these tips to save time and amuse yourself on Google’s browser.

List Of Special about: Pages In Google Chrome

Pages inbuilt into Chrome to know more about system configuration, network status, memory and other technical stats.

Keyboard shortcuts

about:memory Measures and compares memory used by all the active browsers and by Google Chrome’s tabs.
about:stats Lists internal counters and timers with amusing subtitle “”Shhh! This page is secret!”
about:network To track current network
about:internets Easter Egg. Displays 3D pipes screensaver
about:histograms Lists Chrome’s Internal Histograms
about:dns Prefetched DNS records for most visited pages
about:cache Lists the web pages that are cached by chrome
about:crash To crash current tab
about:plugins List of installed plugins
about:version Shows version number of browser, WebKit, V8 (JavaScript engine) and User-Agent
about:credits Shows various authors and their licenses who have helped in Chrome development

More hidden menu pages here.

Window And Tab Shortcuts

Ctrl+N Open a new window
Ctrl+T Open a new tab
Ctrl+Shift+N Open a new window in incognito mode
Ctrl+O, then select file Open a file from your computer in Google Chrome
Press Ctrl, and click a link Open link in a new tab in the background while remaining on the current tab
Press Ctrl+Shift, and click a link Open link in a new tab and switch to the newly opened tab
Press Shift, and click a link Open link in a new window
Alt+F4 Close current window
Ctrl+Shift+T Reopen the last tab you’ve closed. Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you’ve closed.
Drag link to tab Open link in specified tab
Drag link to space between tabs Open link in a new tab in the specified position on the tab strip
Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 Switch to the tab at the specified position number. The number you press represents the position of the tab on the tab strip.
Ctrl+9 Switch to the last tab
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+PgDown Switch to the next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+PgUp Switch to the previous tab
Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 Close current tab or pop-up
Alt+Home Open your homepage

Address bar shortcuts

Type a search term Perform a search using your default search engine
Type the part of the web address that’s between ‘www.’ and ‘.com’, then press Ctrl+Enter Add www.and .com to your input in the address bar and open the web address
Type a search engine keyword or URL, press Tab, then type a search term Perform a search using the search engine associated with the keyword or the URL. Google Chrome prompts you to press Tab if it recognizes the search engine you’re trying to use.
F6 or Ctrl+L or Alt+D Highlight content in the web address area
Type a web address, then press Alt+Enter Open your web address in a new tab

Shortcuts To Open Google Chrome Features

Ctrl+B Toggle bookmarks bar on and off
Ctrl+Shift+B Open the Bookmark manager
Ctrl+H View the History page
Ctrl+J View the Downloads page
Shift+Escape View the Task manager
Shift+Alt+T Set focus on the toolbar. Use right and left arrows on the keyboard to navigate to different buttons on the toolbar.

Webpage shortcuts

Ctrl+P Print your current page
Ctrl+S Save your current page
F5 Reload current page
Esc Stop the loading of current page
Ctrl+F Open find-in-page box
Click the middle button or mousewheel on the mouse Activate auto-scrolling. As you move your mouse, the page automatically scrolls according to the direction of the mouse.
Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 Reload current page, ignoring cached content
Press Alt and click a link Download link
Ctrl+G or F3 Find next match for your input in the find-in-page box
Ctrl+Shift+G or Shift+F3 Find previous match for your input in the find-in-page box
Ctrl+U View source
Drag link to bookmarks bar Bookmark the link
Ctrl+D Bookmark your current webpage
F11 Go full-screen. Press F11 again to exit full-screen.
Ctrl++, or press Ctrl and scroll mousewheel up Enlarge everything on the page
Ctrl+-, or oress Ctrl and scroll mousewheel down Make everything on the page smaller
Ctrl+0 Return everything on the page to normal size

Text Shortcuts

Highlight content, then press Ctrl+C Copy content to the clipboard
Place your cursor in a text field, then press Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert Paste current content from the clipboard
Place your cursor in a text field, then press Ctrl+Shift+V Paste current content from the clipboard without formatting
Highlight content in a text field, then press Ctrl+X or Shift+Delete Delete the content and copy it to the clipboard

Additional Shortcuts for Google Chrome

Backspace, or press Alt and the left arrow together Go to the previous page in your browsing history for the tab
Shift+Backspace, or press Alt and the right arrow together Go to the next page in your browsing history for the tab
Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E Places a ‘?’ in the address bar. Type a search term after the ‘?’ to perform a search using your default search engine.
Place your cursor in the address bar, then press Ctrl and the left arrow together Jump to the previous word in the address bar
Place your cursor in the address bar, then press Ctrl and the right arrow together Jump to the next word in the address bar
Place your cursor in the address bar, then press Ctrl+Backspace Delete the previous word in the address bar
Space bar Scroll down the web page
Home Go to the top of the page
End Go to the bottom of the page
Press Shift and scroll mousewheel Scroll horizontally on the page

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Terrific list, but I believe you missed some really useful ones. By using these, I never touch a mouse.

I use ALT-D to type the URL (, as you show above. Or, just g Enter on Chrome.

Once you’ve Searched for a term, hit the / key (the forward slash on the ? key) and your cursor goes to the right end of your last Search Term, inside the Search Box. That one’s pure gold.

Add or delete as you see fit, use Up/Down-Arrow to choose a Suggestion, or Right-Arrow to complete a Suggestion.

See where they say J and K for next/previous result on the page, but I find it more intuitive to use Up-Arrow & Down-Arrow (which eventually takes me to the Next-Page link) and hit Enter.

Charlie Gosh

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