5 Best Android Browsers To Enhance Your Mobile Browsing Experience

Your smartphone offers the quickest access to the internet to get answers to your queries. If you usually use your smartphone for browsing the web, then you should definitely get a browser that meets all your requirements. There are many mobile browsers that can enhance your browsing experience on your smartphone, and today we will list down the top 5 best Android web browsers. Just choose the one that fits your needs best.

1. Google Chrome

When it comes to performance and features, Google Chrome is still the top android browser. Google Chrome is the fastest browser with reliable features like voice search, instant search results, translate and ability to compress data to reduce mobile data charges. Chrome has a minimal interface that supports gestures to quickly perform basic tasks such as close tab, reload, navigate and more.


Unfortunately, Chrome for Android doesn’t support plugins and extensions unlike its desktop version, which is a big draw back. If you love Chrome extensions, then you won’t be able to find them here. If interested, you can also checkout Chrome Beta if you want to try newest features before everyone else.

2. Opera

My personal favorite — Opera is lately quite active and adding a lot of great features that may entice many users. Opera recently added a built-in ad blocker in its browser that allows you to block all the ads without any help from third-party apps. Apart from that, Opera is very light on your phone resources as opposed to Chrome and it has built-in web page and video compressor to let you browse the web with least mobile data usage.


Some of its features include, ability to add websites to device homepage, built-in news reader, handy gesture controls, Speed dial and a very intuitive interface. Opera also added a free VPN in its desktop version that may hit the mobile version as well, but for now you can download it separately in your phone.

3. Firefox

Firefox is known for giving you complete control over your privacy, and it does the same job on your Android phone. Similar to other browsers here, it offers a private mode that delete all the traces of your activity. However, it goes one step further by preventing on page trackers that may be able to track your activity.


Something that you will surely love is Firefox’s support for third-party add-ons that even Google Chrome lacks. You can get all the handy add-ons like ad blockers, performance boosters, download managers, tab controllers and more right from Firefox Add-ons market for Android.

4. Dolphin

Dolphin is a highly customizable web browser that offers unique features worth checking out. One of its most talked about features is Dolphin Sonar that allows you to search the web in natural language. With your voice you can open tabs, bookmark websites, navigate the browser and make searches like “$50 headphones on Amazon” to find headphones on Amazon in the range of $50. Dolphin also makes it easier to navigate between tabs using tabbed browsing where tabs are shown at the top of the screen.


Its other features include, themes to change the look of the browser, gesture controls, support for add-ons (not as extensive as Firefox though), built-in download manager for faster downloads, built-in flash player, quick access to search engines, Speed dial and more.

5. UC Browser

UC Browser is another great browser that has some unique features up its sleeves. It uses its Cloud Boost Technology to compress pages and boost page loading time while saving mobile data. It also gives complete control over how you want your browser to look. For example, you can change themes, change text and background color, use your own photo as background and many other customization options.


It has a special download manager that uses UC Browser’s own servers to speed up downloads and allow you to continue failed downloads from the same point. Some of its other notable features include, night mode, gesture control (for videos as well), built-in video and movie hub, ad blocker, text only mode and automatic page reload.

Which Android Browser You Like?

So here are the top picks for best Android browser, which one of these you like? I personally use Opera on both desktop and my Android phone for its economical nature that makes good use of my data plan. If you know any other good browser for Android, do let us know in the comments.

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