Google Drive Tricks


Google Drive Scans Documents and Images, You Don’t Need a Separate OCR Application

A lot many users do not realize that Drive application provides inbuilt OCR document scanning in the app. Now you don't need other scanning application as Drive gets the work done.

Merge Multiple PDF Files Easily in Google Drive

Easily merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file using PDF Mergy, an online PDF merger tool, free of cost and user-friendly for Google Drive

Create Shortcut for a Google Drive File at Multiple Folders

An undocumented feature of Google Drive lets you create shortcut to a file at different folders. Now preserve more space by adding a file at multiple folders without copying.

Access Drive Documents Inside MS Office Apps

Lean to open, edit and save files directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. A better way to integrate Google Drive with Office apart from synchronizing local files to Drive.

Get Additional 2GB of Drive Storage When You Review Your Google Account Security

Google is offering free drive storage to anyone who performs security review by going to their checklist. 2 Minutes of task and grab a free reward.

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