Google Drive Scans Documents and Images, You Don’t Need a Separate OCR Application

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  1. Otto Hänninen says:

    Scanning works, BUT
    I try to scan photo album; auto cropping removes desired content; I would prefer to disable all cropping (if not possible to adjust it to work better). Due to large number of pages I definitely do not want to adjust cropping of each page manually! How can I prevent autocrop to crop off half of many pages?

    • Hello Otto,
      You can tap and move the blue dots that are shown in the auto-cropping frame to change the crop size.
      So, before you tap the tick icon to complete the scan and move to next step, customize the crop size by moving the blue section.

  2. Justin Case says:

    Just keep in mind that nothing is free. Sure, Google will OCR your scans for you – it won’t cost you money (not directly, anyway), but it will cost you the privacy of the text.

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