YouTube Full Screen Deletes Buffer on Maximizing – Annoying Problem

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  1. Joe Blaim says:

    Thanks so much for the solution but it’s simply asinine that this problem exists. I normally love google products but this just leaves me screaming WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

    After leaving a tab sitting for minutes on end, why the fuck would I want you to simply throw away the data I’ve been waiting for you to download once I’m ready to use it?!?! Google should pick a goddamn default and stick with it rather than waisting the user’s time downloading useless data.

    This decision to out-think users and create problems out of thin air is anathema of everything I love about google products and is something I’d expect more from apple which I loath precisely for this tendency.

  2. ZEE says:

    Here’s the solution If you are using mozilla firefox 4.0
    in your address bar type the following command
    Then set the value of following command to user value :
    type dom.ipc.plugin.enabled (it will appear when you just type dom.ipc)
    its default value will be true . Set it To “FALSE”
    then dom.ipc.plugin.timesoutSecs (it will aslo appear when you just type dom.ipc)
    set its value to -1 instead of 45
    Hope it will Working
    Enjoy Adobe Flash Player

  3. ZEE says:

    The Above Solution is For Adobe Crashing

  4. ZEE says:


    1.Install Grease Monkey From the following Link

    2. Install this script for Grease Monkey
    Goto addons (ctrl+shift+A)
    click on User Script and add the following to Grease Monkey:

    install it

    and Enjoy youtube’s video while playing and switching to fullscreen without Losing Buffering

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