YouTube Full Screen Deletes Buffer on Maximizing – Annoying Problem

Lovely Youtube ProblemOne common problem often shared between slow internet connections users is that YouTube deletes video buffer when player is switched to full screen or maximized.

When you start playing any YouTube video, the red bar starts filling beneath video player indicating the buffer status. This buffered video resides onto your computer hard-disk and you can even save it for viewing video offline. Now if you maximize, YouTube by default removes all buffers and starts to fetch it again in high resolution. This is particularly annoying because it interrupts the video playing experience as it starts loading again.

Why YouTube Deletes Buffer and Starts Loading Again?
YouTube developers do this on purpose. Because on switching, the video needs high-resolution stream for the same clarity as in normal screen. That’s why, the video which is normally played at 360p gets changed to 480p automatically so that video quality is maintained.

How to solve this problem?
There are two ways to solve this problem. Lets look at them one by one –

1) If you have a high-speed internet connection, then you should always start viewing it in higher resolution of 480p or more so that upon maximizing, it doesn’t stop and buffers again. Typically, YouTube will automatically recognize your bandwidth speed and will serve you with the best possible resolution. This solution is only applicable for high-speed internet users, for others let us see second solution.

2) For users with slow connection, you can login into YouTube account (either with YouTube credentials or Gmail credentials ) and change settings from .

Select the option – I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video and click Save at the bottom of the page. Thats all, now even if you watch videos in full-screen mode, YouTube won’t change resolution and there will be no re-buffing or unexpected pause.

The only disadvantage of second solution is that you have to be logged in always for this setting to take effect. I suppose, it’s a small price for such a annoying problem.

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Thanks so much for the solution but it’s simply asinine that this problem exists. I normally love google products but this just leaves me screaming WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

After leaving a tab sitting for minutes on end, why the fuck would I want you to simply throw away the data I’ve been waiting for you to download once I’m ready to use it?!?! Google should pick a goddamn default and stick with it rather than waisting the user’s time downloading useless data.

This decision to out-think users and create problems out of thin air is anathema of everything I love about google products and is something I’d expect more from apple which I loath precisely for this tendency.

Here’s the solution If you are using mozilla firefox 4.0
in your address bar type the following command
Then set the value of following command to user value :
type dom.ipc.plugin.enabled (it will appear when you just type dom.ipc)
its default value will be true . Set it To “FALSE”
then dom.ipc.plugin.timesoutSecs (it will aslo appear when you just type dom.ipc)
set its value to -1 instead of 45
Hope it will Working
Enjoy Adobe Flash Player

The Above Solution is For Adobe Crashing


1.Install Grease Monkey From the following Link

2. Install this script for Grease Monkey
Goto addons (ctrl+shift+A)
click on User Script and add the following to Grease Monkey:

install it

and Enjoy youtube’s video while playing and switching to fullscreen without Losing Buffering

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