3 Simple Ways To Fully Buffer a YouTube Video

Karrar Haider

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6 Responses

  1. Me says:

    Method#2 “smartvideo” does not work on Opera at all. (yes I restarted browser after installing)
    Method#3 is not applicable to Opera browser unfortunately
    Method#1 disables comments etc and is a lot of hassle
    Conclusion… Youtube loads in parts always

  2. gab says:

    I did method 1 and 2 on chrome, did not work… i’m planning to find a youtube downloader that handle hour + video’s and watch it this way. :)

  3. neeg says:

    method 1 doesn’t work on firefox, just tells me flash videos are not supported.

    • Pam says:

      Worked on Firefox. Make sure you remove watch? then add the frontslash after the v (in place of the = sign) before adding the ?version=2 at the end.

  4. decter says:

    Method 3(firefox) disables 1080p (sept 2018), buffering seems to work better but you lose 1080p which is dumb, but probably youtubes b!tch way of saying use our site our way even if it is broken.

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