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  1. Elizabetta Angelina says:

    Yes, you can log into multiple gmail accounts at the same time, but not on your browser.

    I’ve done it in my mail application.

    I have a personal and a professional name, each with its own account, and accounts for my small business (with my internet satellite server) and myself & my husband (internet server).

    I was able to set up all the accounts in my Apple 4.4 Mail (Mac OS X 10.6 + higher), then create “On My Mac” Mailboxes for each account so that everything doesn’t have to remain in the “Inbox” (the “On My Mac” Mailbox for each account can be further subdivided into “banking”, “work”, whatever).

    Since I have a satellite provider with an “always on” ethernet internet connection, it automatically picked up gmail’s incoming and outcoming addresses, but if you have to set it manually, they are as follows:POP (incoming), and SMTP (outgoing)

    The only “quirky” thing it did was list the “name” on each GMail account as “GMail” after it created the account (without changing any other settings), but I was able to delete “GMail” and rename each account as the individual accounts and save them.

    All my read and unread emails in each Gmail account were even redelivered — to their own accounts. No mix-ups whatsoever. Marvelous.

    The only thing I don’t like is that it added a “Smart Mailbox” to my viewing pane for each GMail account, with a white GMail box, and blue “personal”, “receipts”, “travel”, and “work” boxes (envelopes): the blue ones can be deleted (I’d rather sub-categorize my own mail), but the white one can’t, even though there’s nothing in it because the mail is all in my created Gmail box for that name.

    No, my GMail accounts aren’t all on my browser page, but I’ll sacrifice that to have all the Gmail accounts in the same place, without constantly signing in and out and in as a different user, to have every single account check for new mail every time I open “Mail”, etc.

    So much easier.
    Apple support told me I could do that, and they were right.

    Elizabetta Angelina

  2. Abhishek says:

    Thanks for the valuable input Elizabetta.

  3. James says:

    This is not as good a feature as everybody seems to think… For those of us using google apps, we USED to be able to have different apps accounts (with different domains) in different tabs of the same browser. Now, as everything has been merged, we’re forced to be logged into only 1 google account (be it gmail or my work domain) at once.

    And if we want to switch between them, we have to click and reload another account.

    And – this feature only supports up to 3 accounts.

    And does it sync across different accounts/computers? Even when you have browser sync in Chrome turned on?


    Seriously, this is the first time I’ve been let down by a google product, and the first time I’ve found them to be less than intuitive, AND the first time I’ve actually started considering other options for my mail, which upsets me, because I love Google.

  4. Naomi Theresa Weave says:

    Please tell me if I can make calls using Google voice on my Motorola Xoom tablet.

    Thank you

    • Abhishek Mandloi says:

      Sorry to say Naomi, I have no information about this. Probably someone on Gtricks Forum can help you. Ask your question there.

  5. Barbara Thumm says:

    no Im a different user and cannot sign in to my gmail because of your app. Why would I want an open email account on someone elese and have my email xsposed???????? After sending this request, you want me to write from my account when I can’t access it because of the stupid app on someone else’s computer.

  6. Noah says:

    I need to get into my gmail account instead of my dads

  7. Charles nyawali says:

    I can’t sign in to my gmail account.Needs verification.

  8. Phoebe Plowden says:


  9. Donna Hebert says:

    I am trying to sign in on my gmail account and this is what it tells me:
    Add Gmail to your Google Account
    That username is taken. Try another.
    Available: donnahebert644shannonabear279abearshannon9

    By completing this form, you’re upgrading to Gmail, email from Google. Gmail works on any device, blocks spam, and much more.

    You’ll be able to sign in using your new Gmail address, which will become the primary email address associated with this account. We’ll send account updates, invitations, and other notifications to your Gmail address. will become an alternate email address on this account, and you’ll still be able to sign in with it.

    If you prefer, you can create a new Google Account with email, and leave this one as-is. When I enter my email address: it tells me this is already used. Well, hello, that’s because it’s my email address and I’m trying to sign in. Please help, but reply to I hardly ever sign into gmail, sp please help!

  10. Irmgard Guerra says:

    I am so frustrated with gmail … can not sign in with another gmail account on my computer!!!!!

  11. Julian Settles says:

    gmail is awful….. can not sign in nothing but ads and stuff that is not needed … if I want to check my prvacy setting I should be able to chose and not be forced and can not get into my e-mails …. this is a night mare … who ever designed this horrible find a new profession …. Hotmail is so much easier so is yahoo
    can’t stand it
    I am so stressed been trying to get in for 2 hours now!!!
    This is unreal

  12. Julian Settles says:

    can NOT NOT NOT ……………… CAN NOT sign in to my e mails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why Why Why Why is it so difficult … all I want to do is get into my account!

  13. Jon Yinger says:

    show me how to sign into a DIFFERENT gmail account… arrrrgggghhhh

  14. jodi says:

    what a bunch of crap!!will drop you and go to yahoo

  15. John Collins says:

    You make it hard to sign in to a second account, WHY!

  16. V Seabolt says:

    I want to sign out of one gmail account to access another gmail account. I do not want both accounts viewable when I log on. I do not want to link my two accounts. What is my solution?

  17. Syed mazhar hussain says:

    I opened three more account gmail now I wants open third gmail

  18. Melissa says:

    I want to sign in on another tablet/computer but I am Not adding my acct to anyone’s computer/tablet. I used to be able to do this on my moms computer.& check my mail etc… Then log out. She’d stay signed in, I’d just log in with a different user name & .pw. This is ridiculous. I’m going to switch to yahoo with several accts. I don’t have trouble with them if this cannot be remedied immediately.

  19. Can’t find it and can’t login

  20. Hugh Mayle says:

    These methods do not work at all. The first method leads you right back to the original sign in page and the second method well there is no add/remove account option. I hate you Google.

  21. Daniel says:

    Please don’t force smooth scrolling on your users, personally it makes me dizzy.

  22. Derek Lindquist says:

    Good security

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