Make Google Maps Street View Stop Motion Movie with RCZview

Peugeot in association with Google has launched an interesting application [mashup], which allows you to make street view movies to promote its new car RCZ. As most of you already know, Google Street View lets you see real street maps of the world through 360-degree panoramic angle. Peugeot is leveraging this GSV technology to stimulate its sales.

Nevertheless, these views are discontinuous in nature and do not give a regular flow of images which does not add to any experience. Taking clues from this imperfection, Peugeot came up with web based Google Maps application. With this web application, you can see a continuous video of driving from one location to another location. For providing the RCZ car experience, you will notice a dashboard at the bottom of your browser, which you can hide by clicking on down-arrow link at bottom-right of the page.

Since, Google Street View comprises of images taken at regular interval, the video will be in a form of Stop Motion Movie. To experience GSV Stop Motion Movie, you will have to choose two end points. Unfortunately, you can have a maximum distance of 20 Kilometres between these ends. So, this application fails in making videos between two distance cities. However, within a city, this gives you an experience of driving yourself. Here is a short demo video:

Nonetheless, it is an innovative way to market a new car. We can expect similar applications in the coming future. Enjoy this application until it is there. A brilliant marketing idea! isn’t it?

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Filed under Google Maps. Posted by Abhishek on 10th December 2011.

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