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The current home page from the new tab shows the list of installed apps on Google Chrome. Most of these apps are generally links to your favourite sites, but unfortunately, not all websites have their app in the Webstore. So, normally you use “Most Visited” section to go to that specific site. Wouldn’t it be great if you could include that wanted site under “Apps” section? For that, you will have to make an app, which is not so practical for most of us. Luckily, there is a simple alternative. Just drag the site thumbnail wherever you want.

There are two ways to add any site to Apps section. Try any of these:

drag website to apps section

#. Either drag website thumbnail from the “Most Visited” tab to “Apps” tab. A new app will be automatically added with its favicon as the thumbnail. You can have this newly created app in already present app tabs or you can create a new tab by dragging the icon further to the right.

drag favicon to apps

#. Or open a website and hold its icon from the omnibox to the “Apps” tab. This way you can have new sites as apps, which might not be in your frequently visited section as apps.

Another nifty trick, which was shared on reddit is that you can double click on a tab name to rename it.

Some people argue that why we have separate Apps section when they are just links to websites. What is the difference between apps and website links? The answer is that they are not the same. Apps can have different privileges than the regular websites and they can have unlimited local storages and background pages. However, there are only few apps like TweetDeck that take this benefit of differentiation.

Nevertheless, for quick access to any of your favourite website, just drag it to the app section. No need to search and then install it from the official extension gallery. Simple!

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Filed under Google Chrome. Posted by Abhishek on 11th December 2011.

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This was working at one point, but now when I try to drag something from the omnibox to the New Tab page, it just opens the website. Any suggestions?

@DC Johnson

Yes, its not working even for me too. They have changed the code in latest version of Chrome ie. v18.

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